[arm-allstar] 2 nodes on the same LAN

Richard Perks richardperks95 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 06:47:34 EDT 2019

Hello everybody

I was doing a trial connecting a node from outside of a LAN using a 4G
router to the cloud and back into the network where there were 2 nodes on
the same LAN. I read the How To and then went to the AllStar Link portal. I
couldn't find a network tab on the server settings so I created 2 servers
for my 2 nodes, one with bind port 4569 on the one server and 4568 on the
other and associated the 2 nodes on the same LAN to each of those
respective AllStar Link servers. I forwarded the 4569 and 4568 ports on the
ISP router to the static IP's of the 2 nodes on the same LAN but
unfortunately when I tried to connect to the node with 4568 I got
connection failed. If I did a dns-query to the node with supposedly a port
4568 the external IP showed a port of 4569 even though the AllStar link
port is set for 4568. So I guess with both nodes on 4569 that's why it
wouldn't connect.

The node with bind port 4568 is 40258.

Anybody have the same problem or know a fix please ?


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