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 If you are a simplex node, not connected to a repeater, you really do not
have to worry about this. Your ID's, and any other telemetry is only heard
on your system and not elsewhere.  The problem arises when you connect to a
repeater improperly and then audio goes out via you.

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> Greetings all,
> I just need a confirmation about something.
> I was looking at the requirements to connect to the east coast irlp
> reflector. One requirement is that NO announcements from the user's node go
> out through the reflector.
> I know there are entries that can be made allow or not allow this to
> happen. Where does one check to make sure this doesn't happen?
> Which file has the settings for this topic?
> The east coast IRLP reflector rules state that one must connect via RF as
> part of the connection. So of course for me this would be the connection to
> the rpi. Understand that. Other than not being 'honest' how would anyone
> know you didn't use DVS Switch to connect? I plan to do it right but am
> just curoius.
> Hopefully the Allstar received my recent donation. Please let me know if
> it didn't come through. The HamVoip team does a fantastic job keeping the
> systems running, updated, and new innovations. Thank you!
> Regards,
> George, NJ3H
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