[arm-allstar] AllStar installation on RP3

Richard Astley rich at richardastley.com
Sat Sep 8 13:25:41 EDT 2018

Thanks again Doug,
I managed to get iaxrpt to connect to my RP3 and can send DTMF tones.
I tried connecting to the EchoLink test mode using #33009999 but it comes back with connection failed. Any ideas on what I should look for.
I also tried one of our local repeaters with an echolink node and an AllStar node and they also came back with connection failed.

My bad yes I meant ft-897.
Basically my radio gear would be setup in my office so when not in use I was planning to hook up my RP3 when I leave the office for the day so I can use my ht around town and hopefully home.

When I get this all working I’ll go ahead and modify a Boafeng and make a second setup.

On a separate note what is the best way to reply to these email conversations/threads?


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> Thanks for the welcome and reply Doug, I?ll take a look at iaxrpt tomorrow morning and see if I can get it to work.
> In ordered a couple of the CM108 fobs to modify. Not sure on the radio yet. If I plan on keeping a radio less node do I just connect a DTMF mic like the EMS-52 to where the radio would go as per the schematic on hamvoip?
> I?ve just bought a Yaesu ft-879. Maybe I can hook this up to a second node in the shack and then use my FT-60 ht to connect to it locally around town?
> I?ll let you know how I get on.
> Cheers
> Rich
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> Rich,
> The radioless node howto at hamvoip is a starting place. All mics are
> different so you would have to see if yours worked well. I used an Alinco
> mic and it worked reasonably well.  Most mics get 8V from the rig but I
> used 5V since that was what was available from USB and it was fine with the
> mic I used.  You do not use PTT in a radioless node and COS becomes PTT
> from the mic. You will need some kind of amplifier to drive a speaker.
> Again you are limited in current from USB - 500ma max - so keep that in
> mind. I used a small bridged amplifier from Adafruit. Also if using a
> bridged amplifier you cannot ground either side of the output.
> Take your time on modifying the FOB and you should be fine. They are cheap
> enough so if you screw one up it is no big deal.
> I don't know of the FT879 - did you mean 897? If that is the case I am sure
> you could interface to it but that seems like too nice a rig to limit it to
> Allstar. If you are good at wiring and soldering then maybe pickup a
> Baofeng 888 or UV82 and mod it for a node radio. There are instructions at
> hamvoip.org
> *73 Doug*
> *WA3DSP*
> *http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*

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