[arm-allstar] Baofeng Products

Don Backstrom AA7AU z-armallstar at deliberate.net
Wed Jan 10 15:20:45 EST 2018

On Wed 10-Jan-18 09:04, "Chris Souleles via arm-allstar" wrote:
> On three UV-82HP radios the DTMF buttons for A,B,C are in the wrong order on the keypad

	DTMF has always been an issue with several of the BaoFeng models. The 
UV-82 I normally use has B and C reversed. IIRC, the "D" (exit) key 
doesn't work at all on the UV-5 models - certainly doesn't on mine.

	See section #5.4 DTMF keypad positions:

	Remember that you can remap A-D commands to other DTMF combos.

	Also, there is a BaoFeng issue with feedback/background-noise using 
DTMF commands depending on one of the menu settings. Don't recall the 
setting, but it's discussed someplace in the archives I think.

	I echo Doug's suggestion to only buy from Amazon or a well-rated Amazon 
third-party seller when you're buying one of these types.

	Aside: putting ~8W in one of those models is not a great idea.

	Myself: in my "fleet" I have a well-tamed dependable UV82 throw-away 
that serves me well, and a pack of 2 *red* UV-5Rs with extra batteries 
(occasionally recharged) always stored in the back of my truck to 
break-out for on-the-road emergencies etc.

	- Don - AA7AU

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