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Wed Jan 10 16:43:24 EST 2018

Baofeng's issue are notorious and well known. It's why I've pretty much
banned their usage on my repeater. I caught a lot of flak for it (even
though these people are nowhere near in-range of my repeater), but am glad
that I did. I was tired of the terrible sounding audio and DTMF not
working. There's only so many times I will be kicked in the teeth. I also
found that Baofengs can sometimes (keyword is SOMETIMES) attract the wrong
crowd. My advice is steer clear of them, if you're using it on a system
like AllStar that can be linked up anywhere in the world.

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> I have recently had quality problems with new Baofeng products purchased
> from Main Trading Company.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced
> problems with Baofeng.  On two BF888 radios, one arrived stuck on VOX no
> matter what (tried turning it off with CHIRP, Baofeng SW and manual), and
> the other is ok.  On three UV-82HP radios the DTMF buttons for A,B,C are in
> the wrong order on the keypad.  On all the radios the keypad instead of
> A,B,C order the buttons are C,A,B.  Once I figured this out I can work with
> it since I now know what buttons do what.  One of the UV-82HP charging
> cradles didn't work and I had to have a new one sent.  The dual PTT speaker
> mic arrived stuck on transmit even when no are buttons pushed and I am
> having to have it replaced.   Is it just my bad luck or is anyone else
> experiencing this type of thing with Baofeng.  I realize the stuff is
> inexpensive but for me the minimum threshold is that it actually works.
> Chris - W6CS
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