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Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 16:41:57 EST 2018


 For many reasons it is not recommended to use usbradio on the Pi. usbradio
is a somewhat flawed driver even on the PC. It causes audio distortion and
in general audio that is not up to par for Allstar and certainly not as
good as simpleusb. It would be better and easier to find a COS line - a
line that goes either high or low with RX signal from your equipment if
that is possible.

If you must use usbradio you are somewhat on your own and don't expect
great results. To enable it all you need to do is place a valid
usbradio.conf file in /etc/asterisk and change the rxchannel= command in
rpt.conf. It would however be much better to try using COS and simpleusb if
you can.

One of the issues with usbradio even often on the PC is the outgoing audio
has periodic distortion. Since you don't hear your outgoing audio you often
do not know that but others do. I can pick out a usbradio node with
listening very quickly. On our list for 2018 is a new channel driver that
should solve this issue and allow both the benefits of simpleusb and
usbradio plus some other nifty features.

*73 Doug*


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On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 3:51 PM, "Tom Bicket - AEØTB via arm-allstar" <
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> Have been running AllStar on a Centos ACID version until the Dell Desktop
> died.  I decided to move to a RPi3 as a controller for my MastrII using s
> URIx.  Thought I saw something in the list regarding using usbradio rather
> than simple USB.  I was previously only using TX, RX, PTT and GND in my
> cable and knew if I used simpleusb I would have to get into the repeater
> and
> make changes to get either COS and/or CTCSS out to the URI.  I cannot seem
> to find out how to change the configuration in the new 1.5 release to use
> usbradio and if s/w has been updated to allow that usage.  Help is
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Tom Bicket
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