[arm-allstar] usbradio

Tom Bicket - AEØTB ae0tb at thomcs.com
Sun Jan 7 15:51:30 EST 2018

Have been running AllStar on a Centos ACID version until the Dell Desktop
died.  I decided to move to a RPi3 as a controller for my MastrII using s
URIx.  Thought I saw something in the list regarding using usbradio rather
than simple USB.  I was previously only using TX, RX, PTT and GND in my
cable and knew if I used simpleusb I would have to get into the repeater and
make changes to get either COS and/or CTCSS out to the URI.  I cannot seem
to find out how to change the configuration in the new 1.5 release to use
usbradio and if s/w has been updated to allow that usage.  Help is



Tom Bicket



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