[arm-allstar] usbradio

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Sun Jan 7 16:44:45 EST 2018

Hi Tom,

We don't have the usbradio tools accessible via the admin menu or menu
driven setup, however everything required is present, usbradio will work.

To enable usbradio, just setup the various files in /etc/asterisk and you 
should be good-to-go. You'll have to manually edit these files, of course.

I do want to mention that you may experience more "clicks and pops," in 
the audio when using usbradio, particularly with various DSP processing 
enabled. However, it does work. The limitations are with the 
single-threaded processing power of the RPi3 CPU.

I'll also mention that obtaining hardware COS from a MastrII is easy. 
If you've already got hardware CTCSS decode, that signaling would be easy 
to access, too. Then, you could run simpleusb, which gives outstanding 
audio quality results.

As a case in point, I recently retired my last ACID "derivative"  
controller. This controller was used with 2 wide coverage repeaters in SE
North Carolina. I was running usbradio drivers, which included all patches
up thru perhaps 18 months ago. The box was powerful, including a dual-core
3.5GHz CPU---I had no pops and clicks, I had plenty of CPU horsepower. I
replaced that box with 2 RPi3 controllers running the V1.5 software,
switched to simpleusb, and linked to the network via WiFi. EVERYTHING else
remained the same--same repeaters, URIs, etc. The improvement is audio
quality is incredible; everyone has noticed this and commented positively
about it! ....Anyway, just something to consider.

73, David KB4FXC

On Sun, 7 Jan 2018, "Tom Bicket - AEØTB via arm-allstar" wrote:

> Have been running AllStar on a Centos ACID version until the Dell Desktop
> died.  I decided to move to a RPi3 as a controller for my MastrII using s
> URIx.  Thought I saw something in the list regarding using usbradio rather
> than simple USB.  I was previously only using TX, RX, PTT and GND in my
> cable and knew if I used simpleusb I would have to get into the repeater and
> make changes to get either COS and/or CTCSS out to the URI.  I cannot seem
> to find out how to change the configuration in the new 1.5 release to use
> usbradio and if s/w has been updated to allow that usage.  Help is
> appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Tom Bicket
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