[arm-allstar] Auto connect at startup script check

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 01:32:33 EST 2018


 Macros always start with a 5,  *5x, etc.  If you look at the stock
rpt.conf file macro stanza you will see a macro 1 defined as *81 *80  which
would play the time followed by your ID. So if you entered the DTMF *51 it
would execute that command.  In other words *5 always refers to the macro
stanza and the macro number after the 5 is executed. A macro allows you to
define short commands to do much longer operations. This is particularly
handy when using DTMF.

If you use single digits for macros you can define 10, with 2 digits 100,

So if you want to define another macro for the startup macro you could use
macro 2


Then in the macro stanza -


or whatever commands you want to execute at startup.  The macro definition
can be multiple commands. The string is usually terminated by the # (end of
command) character.

​A new macro command has also been added to the V1.5 code in an update from
last week called:

startup_macro_delay=<seconds> so startup_macro_delay=10 would delay running
it for 10 seconds. It is a good idea to add some delay to ensure that
everything in the system is up to speed before executing the command. Add
this command to rpt.conf either before or after the startup_macro command.

In you example you used ilink,13 which is already mapped to *73 so you can
just use the *73 command. See the function stanza in rpt.conf or the
function howto at hamvoip.org

*73 Doug*


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On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 10:40 PM, "chris novara via arm-allstar" <
arm-allstar at hamvoip.org> wrote:

> I’ve done some research and found the following script code
> In rpt.conf
> Startup_macro=*953xxxxxx
> (At top under node number
> 953=ilink,13
> (Inset into functions)
> I’m trying to get a auto connect and retry connect if lost so this node
> will connect to my hub on a perm basis.
> I haven’t been able to find a document that explains this step by step for
> my dumb head!
> At least I got supermon working locally, still waiting to hear how to
> configure for web access.
> Chris Novara
> Phone: 541-778-1175
> Eugene, Oregon
> Email-Chris at redcrosscommunications.org
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