[arm-allstar] Website attacks-- was: Isolated update problems.

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Fri Sep 29 01:52:17 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,

First, this problem doesn't appear related to the hamvoip firmware,
Raspberry Pi's or any other AllStar systems/computers. This problem seems
related to non-allstar servers/computers and possible malware installed
on them.

Over the last few weeks the hamvoip.org website has encountered a
noticable increase in hits where the wordpress application is trying to be
accessed / exploited...We don't use wordpress at all for any hamvoip
related websites!

So, on Wednesday, 09/27, I added some -very- aggressive access block rules
(using the fail2ban log scanning software), which get quickly activated
for IP addresses where attempted wordpress hacks originate. As of tonight, 
I've somewhat reduced the aggressiveness of these blocks.

If you were able to access the hamvoip.org website and then on Thursday
suddenly could not access the site, please carefully scan your PC /
computer used for e-mail access and web browsing for malware!


73, David KB4FXC

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