[arm-allstar] Isolated update problems - FIX

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 00:16:22 EST 2017

OK here is the problem. Please try again!

Dave added a failtoban rule yesterday at our servers due to a malware
attack directed at them and specifically wordpress. It is possible that
those who are not able to connect could have malware on a PC or PC's at
their location. I did say PC NOT their Pi servers. Since both would have
the same public IP in a nat'ed LAN our servers would not be able to
distinguish between them. It is also possible that in a nat'ed situation
like on hughesnet etc. it may be coming from some other user. In any event
it is highly recommended that if you have a PC or other Windows computer on
your LAN that you check for malware.

The failtoban rule put in place was very aggressive and when it detected a
malware intrusion it limited any further activity with hamvoip from that IP
address for 24 hours. As of 12 AM EDT 9/29 the rule has been taken off so
you should not now have a problem. While this particular problem was not
terribly excessive at the hamvoip servers in general attacks have been
increasing on the Internet and we do keep an eye on them. Sorry for the
inconvenience but it may have pointed out an unrelated problem at your end.

Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Also not related is the lock file issue I pointed out in an earlier
message. If you are getting lock file errors or errors in general with
updates execute the following command at the Linux prompt on your server -

rm -f /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

Then try the update again.

This lock file issue was corrected in a late July update. Once you update
and are current it should not happen again. This issue was generally caused
by an interrupted update. This could be an Internet failure when updating,
a system lockup, a user interrupting the update, or power cycling during an
update. The lock file is now automatically deleted before an update.

*73 Doug*


*http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*

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