[arm-allstar] Isolated update problems - FIX

Terry Bethlehem kd4ont at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 14:01:19 EST 2017

What "fixed" it for me was restoring the most recent image-backup img file
via pc. Next I installed the card back in the rp3 and ran update. It went
like it did the last time I successfully updated. To check if the problem
happened again, I did another update. It came back nothing to update. Since
the rm suggestion of the lock file didn't work for me, I figured I had
nothing to lose. Like was mentioned, something during the last update was
corrupted for me. Falling back to a known good install, then update again,
avoided the snafu.

On Sep 29, 2017 1:16 AM, Doug Crompton via arm-allstar <
arm-allstar at hamvoip.org> wrote:

> OK here is the problem. Please try again!
> Dave added a failtoban rule yesterday at our servers due to a malware
> attack directed at them and specifically wordpress. It is possible that
> those who are not able to connect could have malware on a PC or PC's at
> their location. I did say PC NOT their Pi servers. Since both would have
> the same public IP in a nat'ed LAN our servers would not be able to
> distinguish between them. It is also possible that in a nat'ed situation
> like on hughesnet etc. it may be coming from some other user. In any event
> it is highly recommended that if you have a PC or other Windows computer on
> your LAN that you check for malware.
> The failtoban rule put in place was very aggressive and when it detected a
> malware intrusion it limited any further activity with hamvoip from that IP
> address for 24 hours. As of 12 AM EDT 9/29 the rule has been taken off so
> you should not now have a problem. While this particular problem was not
> terribly excessive at the hamvoip servers in general attacks have been
> increasing on the Internet and we do keep an eye on them. Sorry for the
> inconvenience but it may have pointed out an unrelated problem at your end.
> Please let us know if you continue to have problems.
> Also not related is the lock file issue I pointed out in an earlier
> message. If you are getting lock file errors or errors in general with
> updates execute the following command at the Linux prompt on your server -
> rm -f /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
> Then try the update again.
> This lock file issue was corrected in a late July update. Once you update
> and are current it should not happen again. This issue was generally caused
> by an interrupted update. This could be an Internet failure when updating,
> a system lockup, a user interrupting the update, or power cycling during an
> update. The lock file is now automatically deleted before an update.
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