[arm-allstar] Bootstrap script

Richard Bateman richard at batemansr.us
Thu Sep 7 13:00:59 EST 2017

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share a utility that I made this week; I and one or
two others here in Utah County have been tinkering with a bunch of
different configurations on several repeaters and found it a little
tedious to go through and configure each raspberry pi one at a time,
so I created a "bootstrap" script.

The project is here: https://github.com/taxilian/allstar_bootstrap

I'd love to see it integrated in with the trunk, but it doesn't have
to be to be useful; however, you do have to have it built into your
image to work properly.

In essence, on bootup (and before the network is started) it checks
the SD card's "boot" partition (which is the one you can access from a
windows or mac machine) and if it finds bootstrap config files it will
apply them before startup.

You can set up the files and copy them on before you start up the pi
for the first time. You can use it to:

* Preconfigure your network
* Set your hostname
* Configure the timezone
* Set up your asterisk and simpleusb configuration
* Copy arbitrary files to arbitrary locations on the pi
* Configure arbitrary files from arbitrary variables to arbitrary
outputs on the pi

It's pretty flexible.  I've tried wherever possible to keep it
compatible with the built-in tools in the image (the firsttime scripts
and node-config) but since node-config can't be called in a
non-interactive way (passing in variables for configuration) I had to
copy some of it to make it work. I'd love to update the core scripts
so that this one can use those and make sure there is zero conflict
between the two configuration methods.

Anyway, hope that's useful to someone. I'm perfectly willing to help
with adaptations if someone wants to integrate it more completely into
the core image. In the mean time, the github project I linked above is
a mostly-unmodified copy of the currently posted image with the
bootstrap script added, in case anyone wants to play with it.



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