[arm-allstar] Missing function descriptions in rpt.conf

Jim - W2COP jim.w2cop at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 22:51:50 EST 2017

I noticed that in rpt.conf in the new v1.5, under the stanza
[functions${NODE1}], the descriptions for the core link functions are
missing. I believe that the template file should read:

1=ilink,1       ;Disconnect specified link
2=ilink,2       ;Connect specified link -- monitor only
3=ilink,3       ;Connect specified link -- transcieve
4=ilink,4       ;Enter command mode on specified link # to disconnect
5=macro,1   ;Play Macro 1

70=ilink,5       ;System status
71=ilink,11     ;Disconnect a previously permanently connected link
72=ilink,12     ;Permanently connect specified link -- monitor only
73=ilink,13     ;Permanently connect specified link -- transceive
75=ilink,15     ;Full system status (all nodes)
76=ilink,6       ;Disconnect all links
77=ilink,16     ;Reconnect links disconnected with "disconnect all links"
78=ilink,18     ;Permanently connect specified link -- local monitor only

Jim - W2COP

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