[arm-allstar] Echolink dropping out

Barry Buelow iabarryyy at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 19:42:00 EST 2017

I have a node running V1.5 which temporarily has Echolink enabled. There 
is a limited access list.  Everything runs fine for days, then the 
Echolink function looses registration with the mother ship. Today I had 
an instance where the Echo node fell off the list while connected and we 
were still talking just fine. After many minutes, it dropped the 
connection. Likely the remote node rechecked and my node was not listed, 
hence a disconnect.

While this loss of Echo is occurring, I can still SSH into the node just 
fine. I commanded astres.sh and believe it executed. I was on my phone 
doing SSH. It did not solve the problem. I suppose I should have done a 

Has anyone seen this before?  Suggestions?

Barry w0iy

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