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Mon Mar 13 14:26:45 EST 2017

I deleted/edited/altered nothing relative to the menu, startup, etc. that I know of. I've only reconfigured RPT, lsnodes and Allmon2 parameters and run the audio setup.

I have left 11 menu items:
1 Perform a system UPDATE2 Change the ROOT password3 Change the primary NODE number4 Change the system Timezone5 Change the system Hostname6 Configure the Wired Ethernet Networking7 Change the Secure Shell (SSH) port8 Restart Asterisk Server9 Power-cycle the USB sub-system10 Reboot this system11 Perform system power down.
"only takes 5 minutes" is a stretch considering I'd done all the setup of features, audio, etc.
I have another similarly configured node without the menu issue I'll check and perhaps just copy over any altered file(s).

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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 21:19:17 -0400
From: Doug Crompton <wa3dsp at gmail.com>
To: ARM Allstar <arm-allstar at hamvoip.org>
Subject: Re: [arm-allstar] New 'GUI' menu - lost options to access
    shell, CLI...
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I am really not sure what you are asking. The menu has a bash shell script
option. Why is it not there? Are you in the menu? You run putty or an SSH
login client, login, and you should get the menu. What is not working? The
menu has all of its files in /usr/local/sbin/firsttime. Unless you deleted
them they should be there.

Unless you made a lot of changes it is often easier to just start over with
a new image. It takes all of about 5 minutes or less to setup.


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