[arm-allstar] Some Hints to add ATA's needed please?

Steve Wright stevewrightnz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 14:07:46 EST 2015

On 17/09/15 05:00, Doug Crompton <doug at crompton.com> wrote:
> [...] why not run a separate board to do that. There are many ready to go images out there like incredible PBX etc. They use much later versions of Asterisk and have much more PBX capability and run in a graphical environment on the BBB or RPi. Later on you could connect the two via your LAN just as well as having them on the same server

I did not realise that the system was so modular, and it was perfectly
trivial to attach exchanges of all genre to each other, and I think
others are fixated on the idea of adding every possible gadget to their
system - which of course is excellent, but it's just that it didn't all
have to be stuffed in the same box.

Overall, there are fairly limited case studies of successful systems and
other integration, leading to a lot of setup stress for newcomers.

Perhaps there should be some location for people to document ^H^H^Hskite
about their success so we may all have a looky with a view to
duplicating it - I'd certainly enjoy reading that.


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