[arm-allstar] Some Hints to add ATA's needed please?

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Wed Sep 16 08:04:34 EST 2015

While this can be done I would advise not mixing on the same system as Allstar. As cheap as these boards are why not run a separate board to do that. There are many ready to go images out there like incredible PBX etc. They use much later versions of Asterisk and have much more PBX capability and run in a graphical environment on the BBB or RPi. Later on you could connect the two via your LAN just as well as having them on the same server

That being said if you really want to use the Asterisk Allstar image also as a PBX it can be done by adding a sip account for each individual phone with a corresponding extension stanza. It would have to  be done manually and it would require a lot of experimentation which would require restarts that would disrupt the radio side of things. You also would have to follow the Asterisk 1.4 or earlier command set. 
73 Doug

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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 16:02:28 +1000
Subject: [arm-allstar] Some Hints to add ATA's needed please?

    Hi Guys, 


    Can I get some hints on how to do the following please?


    1. Add our ATA's on our LAN to the R-PI2. (I assume
    registering each one in SIP.CONF some how?)

    2. Add extension's (in EXTENSIONS.CONF?) so the ATA's can
    dial each other. 

    3. Add a conference room that the ATA's can all dial into. 

    4. Register a DID on the R-PI2 that has access to the same
    menu options the LAN ATA's have. 


    Number 4 is not so important for now, but I thought I'd ask while I
    was at it. 


    At this point there is no need for any of this to interact with the
    Ham VoIP side of things. 




    Ken - vk4akp

    All_PI_Star: 2134

    Echolink: 7878


    ~ It's just like Warm Apple PI2 ;) ~




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