[arm-allstar] Some Hints to add ATA's needed please?

Ken Page vk4akp at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 01:02:28 EST 2015

Hi Guys,

Can I get some hints on how to do the following please?

*1*. Add our ATA's on our LAN to the R-PI2. (I assume registering each 
one in SIP.CONF some how?)
*2*. Add extension's (in EXTENSIONS.CONF?) so the ATA's can dial each 
*3*. Add a conference room that the ATA's can all dial into.
*4*. Register a DID on the R-PI2 that has access to the same menu 
options the LAN ATA's have.

Number 4 is not so important for now, but I thought I'd ask while I was 
at it.

At this point there is no need for any of this to interact with the Ham 
VoIP side of things.

Ken - vk4akp
All_PI_Star: 2134
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~ It's just like Warm Apple PI2 ;) ~
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