[arm-allstar] Anyone running RTCM?

Steve Wright stevewrightnz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 20:39:43 EST 2015

Hi folks,

A group of us locally are looking at a high-end 6m VOTER Simulcast
repeater.  We'd sure would be interested in comments before we started off!

We want to have a TX-only site with outboard remote voting receivers -
for the purpose of dodging all the duplexing complexity, and also to be
able to run some serious horsepower on TX, full legal-limit into a large
antenna array is the plan.

We have plenty of sites - some of them mains-powered, and plenty of
line-of-sight Ubiquiti-wireless-link lovin' to the others.

We aim to start small and kick off a bit of a craze and see what other
(regional) locals will join us and add their own high-power TX and
remote RX as well.  We think there is the potential to build a very
interesting piece of distributed machinery that will be sought after

Any suggestions?

Steve ZL1BHD

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