[arm-allstar] Success! node 29534 online using a BBB and URI.

Pierre Martel petem001 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 22:43:21 EST 2014

OK got my BBB monday, but got an SD card today..

I loaded the image from the hamvoip.org web site and wrote it to the micro
sd card.
after initial the first script started, did my stuff.. then reboot, setup
the node with the second script..

And VOILA! the node is running..

A BIG thanks to Doug for the setup.

this will be  a blast to use.. and one big computer less at the repaeter

Next will be installing a dstar repeater on a RPI at the same repeater site
on my old tkr-820.

You rock!

Pierre VE2PF
p.s. it took a whole 15 minute to do the whole thing.. crazy!
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