[arm-allstar] 12V to 5V DC-DC Converters?

James R. Pilgram jim.pilgram at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 18:31:22 EST 2014

We'll try this again....
I don't know about that one but I've been using this models since the 
first release on my 1/2 dozen BBB's (1 per unit) and never had a blip. I 
like the digital displays and the fact that it's output is adjustable 
and you can view the input/output voltage or turn the display on and 
off. I bought in lots of 5. I also use them when I need a power supply 
voltage I don't have in my junkbox. Use them to charge cell phones, run 
routers, charge video cameras.. Whatever! They sell the same one without 
the display for about $0.99 but I like the display because you can read 
the battery that's feeding it. Stay away from the ones with the green 
board as the displays are all over the map, although the voltage is stable.

BTW: I did a demonstration of the BBB for the local ham club and used a 
7 amp gel cell and this module and it ran the BBB all day and the 
battery voltage never dropped below 12 volts. This and a small solar 
panel and you're golden for a remote site.

On 11/19/14 07:01, Jonathan Weirmeir wrote:
> Good day, all.
> I've been wanting to run my BBB on a 12 volt source, instead of using
> a 120VAC D-Link power adapter.
> Anyone have any luck with the 15 watt "Car Power Technology" branded
> DC-DC converters on eBay?
> (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Waterproof-DC-DC-Converter-12V-Step-Down-to-5V-Power-Supply-Module-3A-15W-BLACK-/221605016721?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3398b03491#shpCntId)
> 73 DE KC8RYW
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