[arm-allstar] Pre-recorded broadcasts

James R. Pilgram jim.pilgram at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 12:53:23 EST 2014

Aloha and Mahalo for the suggestions and Doug is correct in his 
comments.  As I stated in my original post, I'm not opposed to the 
editing of the original newsline broadcast. Actually I prefer doing the 
manual edits so the problem Doug mentioned of breaks in the middle of 
words and incoherent sentences are not produced.

David's reply just came in as I was typing this and he is on the same 
wavelength here. I was thinking maybe a VOX setup. When I first started 
doing the newsline on our system, I started out with 3 second pauses but 
some repeaters on the system didn't like it and would time out for lack 
of reset time. Some was due to the internet delays so after over a year 
and a half of doing this I have graduated to 6 second pauses. I also 
like the idea of being able to execute a command to stop the process 
remotely if needed.

If I used a VOX type setup I'd have to increase the delay to say 8 
seconds which I'm not opposed to. It will mean I might have to start the 
broadcast a little earlier as it will increase the length of the 
program. One other thing I do when I'm editing the program is in the 
place where the announcer says "Now it's time for you to identify your 
station", I edit out all the beeps and drop a slightly muted CW ID in 
and continue the audio text over the ID. That buy's me some seconds I 
lost from the 6 second pauses. I'm still usually able to keep it under 
30 minutes total time. This is played before our 0200Z Sunday net. We 
usually start it at 0125Z.


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