[arm-allstar] Pre-recorded broadcasts

James R. Pilgram jim.pilgram at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 04:48:30 EST 2014

I'm still kicking this AR Newsline thing around. I was thinking if I could
use one of my converted sound fobs, I could plug it into a spare BBB and
tie it into our network. Is there a VOX mode in simpleusb or would I have
to use an external VOX circuit tied to the cor line to key into the system.

Again, I'm using Audacity to pre-record the newsline with 6 second pauses
at logical points at slightly  Less than 2 minute intervals to reset the
repeaters on the system. I do this manually using the iaxRpt Client to key
it into the system.

Aloha Jim NH6HI
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