[Arm-allstar-irlp] Important Info for all Hamvoip IRLP users

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 23:17:33 EST 2020

I totally agree with Dave in fact I was thinking this - if anyone can come
up with a reason why IRLP is better than Allstar please let me know. I have
not been able to think of one thing. On the other hand I can think of many
many things why it is not.

I will re-emphasis what Dave said about servers.  Allstar is actually
easier to run independently than IRLP if you so desire. The only thing two
nodes need to do to connect to each other is share their node number,
public IP address and port and they can connect assuming that the one at
the other end of the connect has the port forwarded.  The reason we have a
registration server is to distribute the IP addresses and ports. It is like
a phone book to where you are trying to connect. Hamvoip does this with DNS
and it is very efficient. It also offers security to the system so just
anyone can't connect keeping it an amateur licensed system.

As for a $60 conversion from IRLP to Allstar - assuming you  already have a
Pi 2,3, or 4and power supply running real IRLP.  You would need a sound FOB
which is about $40, a new SD card $6, and the end of your current radio
cable wired to the sound FOB. So actually it is less than $60.

Finally it is your choice what you want to do but no one including myself
has ever looked back when they left IRLP!!!

*73 Doug*


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On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 9:10 PM "David McGough via ARM-allstar-irlp" <
arm-allstar-irlp at hamvoip.org> wrote:

> Fred,
> HamVoIP and AllStar are not dependent on any external servers. You can
> setup completely private networks, even build your own network from
> scratch, if you wanted to. Many have built and run their own networks,
> including me.
> In their default setups, both IRLP and AllStar depend on central servers
> to provide a frequently updated mapping of IP addresses to nodes. This is
> needed only if IP addresses change, unneeded if all the addresses are
> static.  The IRLP servers also provide updated public PGP keyrings.
> AllStar has numerous advantages over IRLP. Some are: true full-duplex
> communications, each node is a full "reflector," allowing many
> simultaneous in-bound and out-bound connections, many more CODECs
> available, fully integrated repeater control is built-in, flexible
> software-based bridging is easily setup, if desired, only one single UDP
> port is needed, IAX2 provides packet jitter-buffering, automatically
> compensating for network latency changes, there are MANY sources of
> compatible hardware, you're not locked into a single source and the list
> goes on and on.
> Honestly, I'm not aware of any area where IRLP has superiority, at this
> point?? I know some persons have commented about IRLP's PGP node
> authentication for security. I guess it should be pointed out that IRLP's
> version of PGP uses RSA-512 keys, which were considered obsolete 20 years
> ago. These keys were first cracked in 1999!  Today, RSA-512 private keys
> can be revealed within a few hours by any hacker who might happen to take
> interest.
> Doug's comments were spot-on. There was no slander.  There is a huge
> learning curve with AllStar, I won't deny that. It's truly ashame that the
> IRLP world seems to want to maintain an isolationist policy all the way to
> the end.  The pages of history are turning.
> 73, David KB4FXC
> On Mon, 13 Jan 2020, "w5mgm--- via ARM-allstar-irlp" wrote:
> > Doug,
>      There's a lot of reasons that some of use IRLP.  Perfect example
> is right now the way the Allstar system is set up, it depends on
> Allstar's servers for my node to maintain a connection to other nodes.
> With IRLP, once my node is connected to another node or reflector,
> IRLP's servers are not needed to keep the connection alive.   So if
> David Cameron shut down shop tomorrow, all of our IRLP systems would
> still work, there just wouldn't be any new nodes added to the network.
> I don't believe we can say the same if Allstar's servers were to all
> be shutdown.   That being said, why you would put down and slander IRLP
> is beyond me.
> Fred
> > On Jan 13, 2020, at 12:30 AM, Doug Crompton via ARM-allstar-irlp <
> arm-allstar-irlp at hamvoip.org> wrote:
> >
> > Larry,
> >
> >  Sorry to hear you are down with the flu. I wish you a speedy recovery.
> >
> > As far as IRLP is concerned I really think its days are numbered. It is
> > very insecure, so much less feature enhanced, and generally outdated
> > compared to Hamvoip Allstar. Why anyone would run IRLP with Hamvoip being
> > available is beyond me. As you know I ran IRLP for about a year about 8
> > years ago now. That may have been how we met. Anyhow I quickly realized
> > that is was not for me mainly because of the politics and so called rules
> > not to mention the vast superiority of Allstar. I would encourage you to
> > get people that you know on IRLP over on Allstar. It is easy to do and
> for
> > those that have a real IRLP Pi system using a Pi 2 or newer it would cost
> > less than $60 to do it. If anyone needs help referring them to
> hamvoip.org
> > and my email. For those Hamvoip users that have added IRLP most
> reflectors
> > have Allstar inputs so there is no reason to connect using IRLP. This
> > latest tactic by Cameron and his henchmen will only bring more people to
> > Allstar.
> >
> >
> > *73 Doug*
> >
> > *WA3DSP*
> >
> > *http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*
> >
> >> On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 3:12 PM "Larry via ARM-allstar-irlp" <
> >> arm-allstar-irlp at hamvoip.org> wrote:
> >>
> >> Good afternoon Doug, hope you and yours had a great holiday. I think
> >> admin blocked my node (8277). I've had this node from the beginning at
> >> lesst
> >> 15-20 years. Software & hardware brought from IRLP. Don't have any
> >> receipts.
> >> Who keeps receipts after 5 years, unless it's taxes Hi. I think I saw
> >> something a few years back about hams downloading IRLP with out buying
> to
> >> get a node #. I'll stay tune, only use IRLP to chat with friends on
> 9613.
> >> Oh
> >> yea he knows about Allstar, can't teach a old DOG new tricks.
> >>
> >> Take care trying to get over this flu!
> >> Slowly trying to get my e-mails over to contact at n3vsi.com
> >> So far I'm getting the ARM- allstar Digest at that e-mail
> >>
> >> Contact me
> >> contact at n3vsi.com
> >> You have my home #
> >> Later
> >> Larry N3vsi
> >>
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> >> From: "Doug Crompton via ARM-allstar-irlp"
> >> Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2020 1:02
> >> To: arm-allstar-irlp at hamvoip.org
> >> Cc: Doug Crompton
> >> Subject: [Arm-allstar-irlp] Important Info for all Hamvoip IRLP users
> >>
> >> It has come to our attention that some of the Hamvoip IRLP module users
> >> can no longer connect to IRLP nodes or reflectors. This is because the
> >> IRLP public keys for these nodes have been pulled by the IRLP
> management.
> >> We have learned that some Hamvoip users may have fraudulently acquired
> >> keys and otherwise frustrated the IRLP management. We warned people in
> our
> >> howto that the IRLP system is a closely controlled system and keys are
> >> sold with the IRLP hardware. Only users who actually buy hardware or
> keys
> >> from IRLP are authorized into the system. The Hamvoip IRLP gateway was
> >> intended to allow real and authorized IRLP users who had hardware to
> >> integrate it into one Pi system with Hamvoip code. We also warned users
> of
> >> Hamvoip IRLP that they were to come to us first (this list) NOT the IRLP
> >> forums for help and apparently that has not always been the case.
> >>
> >> We are currently working with the IRLP management, trying to resolve
> their
> >> concerns. If your Hamvoip IRLP node has stopped working, it is most
> likely
> >> because your key or the key of the node you are trying to connect to has
> >> been removed.  Many IRLP users and reflectors also have connectivity to
> >> AllStar. If you're trying to connect to a system that already provides a
> >> bridge to AllStar, don't connect via IRLP, use AllStar!
> >>
> >> If you have an IRLP system that you bought and you own the keys for and
> >> you converted it to Hamvoip and retired the original IRLP hardware, then
> >> you should in our opinion be entitled to retain your key and use IRLP.
> >> But that hardware is not to be sold to someone else to again obtain
> >> another key fraudulently.. These are not our rules. Hamvoip code and
> >> operation is totally free and based on donations, IRLP is not. They make
> >> money to support their operational expenses based on the sale of
> hardware.
> >> If they want to sell keys minus hardware it is up to them, but
> understand
> >> we have no control over that. If you have a fully legal IRLP node that
> you
> >> purchased and own the key for and it is not working then you should
> >> contact Dave Cameron directly with a plea to reinstate your key. Before
> >> contacting Dave Cameron, it would be best to locate proof, if possible,
> >> that you are the legitimate IRLP node owner.
> >>
> >> We apologize for this inconvenience but IRLP users have to understand
> the
> >> substantial difference in nature both operationally and politically
> between
> >> Hamvoip and IRLP. You do have a choice! We have in the past expressed
> the
> >> considerable advantages in using Hamvoip Allstar vs. IRLP which are too
> >> numerous to list here.
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