[Arm-allstar-irlp] Important Info for all Hamvoip IRLP users

Justin Reed celltech161 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 13:52:49 EST 2020

On 1/13/2020 10:17 PM, "Doug Crompton via ARM-allstar-irlp" wrote:
> I totally agree with Dave in fact I was thinking this - if anyone can come
> up with a reason why IRLP is better than Allstar please let me know.

Well, just to play devils advocate, there is precisely one reason I can 
think of. IRLP lets you custom define literally any sequence of DTMF 
that when decoded, will run a defined script. At one time I had many 
IRLP-based repeaters, changed to Hamvoip, but I kept one IRLP node 
online just to act as a DTMF to email/SMS paging terminal.  I'm not even 
using it for linking.  I have my RF-linked sites which have alarms like 
high building temperature and intrusion alarms - programmed to send 
those alarms out as DTMF messages. IRLP decodes them and fires out an 
SMS to my phone from a special account I have set with notifications 
always on. It works like a champ.

With Allstar, something kinda sorta like this could be done but it would 
have to follow the dial plan rather than being literally any sequence.

That's it. There's your one reason and it has nothing to do with 
linking, really. ;) Luckily this functionality will keep working well 
after David Cameron has a hissy fit and removes my keys, because the 
custom decode stuff has nothing to do with negotiating connections.


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