[arm-allstar] DTMF tones not decoded properly

B Harvey bharveytwo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 11:03:28 EDT 2019


      I've recently assembled an Allstar node but was unable to connect to
any other nodes. My setup is as follows:

RPi 2 with latest Hamvoip.org distro (1.5rco50)
DMK-URI USB audio adapter
Baofeng UV-82 (wired per hamvoip.org tutorial)

I'm setup with Allstarlink and have current server  and  node (40072) (Node
currently shows active and online for several days. Stats show PTT
activations, etc.)

Audio between UV-82 node radio and test HTs (Connect Systems CS750 and
Wouxun KG-UV6D has been tested and confirmed in both directions.

With the node radio connected, I hear courtesy tones after test HT PTT and
also hear time announcements at the top of the hour. Node IP Addr is
current in DMZ behind home router.

However, I've been unable to connect to any other nodes via DTMF commands
from test HTs (eg. *73 (XXXX/node number)
Viewing Asterisk CLI, I find that Wouxun is not decoded at all and CS750 is
only partially decoded.In fact, digits 3,6 and 9 aren't recognized..

I also get Warnings and Notices (361) and mentioned of "dropping deferred
DTMF digits"

Since the 3.6. and 9 digits aren't recognized,I'm thinking a DTMF twist or
filtering issue? If so, I'm not sure where this should be addressed. Any
suggestions on how I should proceed?



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