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 There is no solid answer for that one. Since this is a low power radio and
often used with a small antenna with a rather small coverage area you have
more leeway in picking a frequency. Generally the simplex frequencies can
be used but in some areas there might be scheduled nets so you have to
monitor a channel to see if it has such activity. In a rural area this is
usually never a problem. In a very congested area it could be. On UHF with
Baofeng radios you have a lot of spectrum you can use. The entire 420-430
Mhz. and much of the 430-440 Mhz spectrum minus assigned and protected
areas like satellite and low power are available. The only drawback is that
while the Baofeng radios cover the entire band many other radios do not. If
this is your own node that only you use  then that would not be an issue if
you were using Baofeng or other radios that did cover that spectrum. So for
instance if you made the 888 into a node radio and put it on some available
lower frequency in the 420-450 band you could use another Baofeng like the
UV5 or UV82 with DTMF to talk to it.

Every area should have a band plan. You can't go by the ARRL plan as that
is just a guideline. Coordinating committees in each area control the local
plan. So if you want to use the simplex area, usually  the 445.x to 446.x
area you need to check what the band plan is in your area.

Does that answer your question?

*73 Doug*


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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 8:54 PM "Fred Hillhouse via ARM-allstar" <
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> Greetings,
> I am interested  in hearing how someone picks the frequency or frequencies
> of an attached radio.
> I picked up a Baofeng BF-888 for the purpose of adding to my node.
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Fred N7FMH
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