[arm-allstar] Supermon - Node not in Database

Larry larry at thunderbolt.net
Mon Mar 25 01:45:14 EDT 2019

Just did an update on a Pi that has only Private Nodes and is also used 
as my Supermon server.

This update was the one from HAMVOIP image update notice posted on 2/10/19.

Just to mention that when done. It removed the existing "astdb.txt" file 
that Supermon used prior to the update. It replaced it with the 14 byte 
file used for a place holder. Apparently you cannot just run ./astdb.php 
and do an immediate update to the database file without a registered 
node number installed on the server.
Didn't pull astdb.php apart to see if it will restore the full astdb.txt 
file later when the 3 AM cron job runs.

 From that point on Supermon says .. node not in database when it lists 
any monitored nodes.
Not a crisis but would be nice to have an over-ride or a preventive 
check to not overwrite an existing database file during upgrades.

Just to make others aware. Should Supermon start telling you Node not in 
Database after this particular upgrade check on the "astdb.txt" to see 
if it has data.

As a fix I copied the astdb.txt from another server to get it back 
working again.

Larry - N7FM

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