[arm-allstar] link radios for an allstar node

Jed Barton jed at jedbarton.com
Tue Mar 12 18:11:15 EDT 2019

Hey guys,

Jed.n1jbc here.  OK, so i need some help and input.
Putting an allstar node on my repeater system.  What i am in need of
is a node radio.  I was thinking of going with a kenwood, 1 of the
commercial 1s like the tk8160, 8302, something like that.  as long as
it's 1 of the kenwoods with the connecter on the back.  Anyone on here
running this series of radios, and what fobs might work with it?
I'm doing the conversion from strictly an IRLP node to the allstar
IRLP node.  It's time to play ball.  Any ideas would be seriously



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