[arm-allstar] GPIO pins on PI?

Carl Makin carl at stagecraft.cx
Sun Mar 3 23:29:46 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the list, and to Allstar although I have been an IRLP sysop for many years and a Unix administrator for even more.

I’ve come to Allstar as here in Canberra, Australia we are looking at linking a number of repeaters together to enhance the communications footprint around the area and Allstar seemed to be a workable and expandable solution.

So, we’ve also been looking at single board computers, and I have the current Allstar standard distribution running under Armbian 9 on an OrangePI.  This has a decent internal sound card which we were intending to use, however there doesn’t appear to be a channel driver that could use this internal sound card, nor even use an unmodified sound card fob with the board’s GPIO pins.

I know I can fetch one of the recommended fobs, and then modify it to work, and that’s what I’ll probably end up doing but I’m interested in why the Pi’s GPIO pins aren’t being used.



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