[arm-allstar] no-cid message

ku6v ku6v at pacbell.net
Mon Jan 14 00:14:30 EST 2019

During a Zoiper connection I have been attempting to get rid of the "no-cid"
message and changed to something else like my call sign. I have followed the
email early thread with David. I cannot get it to work no matter what I
change. Does anyone have Zoiper connections being made and the "no-cid"
message removed? If so can I get a copy of the working stanzas needed to
make this work. I changed (added) the last two lines David suggested in my
Zoiper stanza. No avail there. Do I need something changed in
iax.conf..iaxrpt? Could I possibly have a corrupted image? 

Do I need some changes in my phone Zoiper setup?






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