[arm-allstar] In/Out connection problem w/BetaDNS

Mr. Possum (Bill) flatpossum1231 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 28 21:21:09 EDT 2018

Since you are setting up a second server on the (presumably) the same LAN and behind the same router - do both of them have UNIQUE IAX ports open to the internet that they are being registered on?
Just a thought...
Bill - N5MBM

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 Subject: [arm-allstar] In/Out connection problem w/BetaDNS
I am setting up a second server and checked the settings against the first
working server. Both are running the BetaDNS. The second appears to be
registered as I can see all of the usual WebPages. I can not connect out or
connect in. In the CLI when I run the rpt lookup I get a not found on the
registered node 48637 and a get a good return on the 1999 node. The
node_lookup_method=dns is in both places and spelled correctly. 

the Supermon is working too I have reviewed the BetaDNS docs and I didn't
miss anything in the modification. Any ideas?






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