[arm-allstar] RPI with 3 FOBs

Roger Coudé ve2dbe at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 12 09:04:44 EDT 2018

Our network uses 22 Raspberry PI spread all over the province of Québec.
11 RPIs with 1 radio
7 RPIs with 2 radios
3 RPIs with 3 radios

At locations where we have 3 sound cards per RPI, we experienced a lot of trouble (computer frozen, very slow ethernet, corrupted SD, missing sound card in LSUSB list, etc)
Those systems are running ok for a few days, but then the SSH begin to be very slow, and after a few hours the repeater freezes.
Most of the time, the systems reset by itself around midnight (Strange because I have not programmed it for that).
After swapping RPIs, power supply, sound cards, we always get an instable situation.
We had to climb mountains many times, sometimes just to power cycle a jammed RPI :(

We plan to install a second RPI at those locations in order to never have more than 2 sound cards per RPI.

Has anybody encountered the same situation, have a solution for that…

Roger VE2DBE 

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