[arm-allstar] Testing AllStar installation on RP3

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 01:35:15 EDT 2018


 The radioless node howto at hamvoip is a starting place. All mics are
different so you would have to see if yours worked well. I used an Alinco
mic and it worked reasonably well.  Most mics get 8V from the rig but I
used 5V since that was what was available from USB and it was fine with the
mic I used.  You do not use PTT in a radioless node and COS becomes PTT
from the mic. You will need some kind of amplifier to drive a speaker.
Again you are limited in current from USB - 500ma max - so keep that in
mind. I used a small bridged amplifier from Adafruit. Also if using a
bridged amplifier you cannot ground either side of the output.

Take your time on modifying the FOB and you should be fine. They are cheap
enough so if you screw one up it is no big deal.

I don't know of the FT879 - did you mean 897? If that is the case I am sure
you could interface to it but that seems like too nice a rig to limit it to
Allstar. If you are good at wiring and soldering then maybe pickup a
Baofeng 888 or UV82 and mod it for a node radio. There are instructions at

*73 Doug*


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