[arm-allstar] LOG

Luc Drolet VE2LUQ ldrolet at cgocable.ca
Mon Sep 3 11:25:18 EDT 2018

Hello everyone,

I have a small problem with my CDR-CSV file in / var / log /
this file sometimes disappears ???, I ask myself a question which I believe, 
when I made an update of our asterisk version, 
in ssh mode "admin menu" # 1, the file CDR-CSV who disappears but I'm not sure!

I installed the supermon 6.0 in our repeater and I also like this web page very good job
Is it because I installed this web page that I have a bug on the CDR-CSV file?

I use private NODES for your information.

to get the CDR-CSV file, I go back to the 9-Start bash shell interface menu,
 and execute this command 
"mkdir / var / log / asterisk / cdr-csv"
and everything comes back to normal, skips that I lost my LOG

Thank you for helping us
Have a good day

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