[arm-allstar] V1.5.3-42 Update

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 11:06:25 EDT 2018

There was an update this morning to  version 1.5.3-42. Users should update
using the ADMIN menu item 1.

This corrected a problem with callerid (name) when using iaxprt and zoiper
with Allstar. If the callerid string was too long it would cause corruption
in the supermon and other displays.

When using iaxrpt or zoiper the callerid number should always be 0 and the
name while generally your call can be any string up to 15 characters.

There has also been some more enhancement to iax and safe_asterisk to
hopefully eliminate more possible but rare crash conditions.

The registration update is just about ready to roll out and should be the
next update.

*73 Doug*


*http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*

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