[arm-allstar] APRS integration

Jerry Goodson hydrashok407 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 12:55:32 EST 2018

I've been running a repeater using SVXLink for the past couple of years,
but I've always wanted... MORE!

I wanted more configurability on the Echolink side, and I wanted an Allstar
interface.  The biggest thing I wanted is APRS integration.

SVXLink injects some information into the IS stream, but does nothing as
far as interfacing with the TNC-Pi (from tnc-x.com).  I have a separate
radio/antenna on the tower, and it would be cooler than bread if I could
send repeater commands via APRS.  If the software could also
i-gate/digipeat RF packets, that would be awesome, as well.

I have seen in some doc somewhere that APRS integration was a future
endeavor.  I was wondering how far off in the future this was going to be

-=Jerry=- W5BFF
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