[arm-allstar] RTCM setup questions

Chris Zenchenko wb9rsq at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 21:19:01 EST 2018

I'm considering RTCM modules and hope somebody can give me exact details on
setting things up to do what I want or to tell me it can't be done.
If it is possible great.
If not then ideas on doing something that will work are just as welcome.

The setup:
I have two repeater systems.
Both run RC850 controllers.
The main system is not currently on Allstar.
The secondary system is connected to a PI3 running the latest hamvoip
The node is connected to the system via the link port on the RC850 and
macros on the 850 are set to always activate the link port in rx/tx mode.
When on the 440 machine, (secondary) system all operates as I wish with
users on the system unable to tell if they are talking to a local "RF" user
or an Allstar user.

The main system operates on 220 and has remotes on several bands through an
FC900 that allows for control of Icom band modules.
Currently I can link from 220 to 440 via RF but there is no way for an
Allstar user connected to 440 to force a connection to 220.
I can do it using dtmf since the remote on 220 typically is listening to the
440 frequency even if users have turned off the remote.
If a user forgets to put the remote back after visiting on other 440
frequencies there is no way to bring the remote back using Allstar or the
440 repeater.

What I want to do is connect the two repeaters seemlessly so that it doesn't
matter which repeater you talk on.
Talk on 220 to a 440 user or an Allstar user
Allstar users or 440 users talk on 220.
Operate the remotes from 220, 440 or Allstar.
Essentially I want the two systems to appear to the users as a single
The users could be on any of the three main connections or even be on the
remote band modules.

To avoid overloading the list please contact me privately.
If a final positive or negative answer is reached I'll then share it back on
the list.

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