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Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:35:48 EST 2018


 OK, I think I understand your system topography. I do a similar thing here
connecting to a distant repeater where there is no Internet. I think we can
eliminate your repeater or its RF link. The problem appears to be in your
system itself if you are getting dropouts from the Internet. So I
understand your problem better, are you also hearing problems from local
telemetry. That is when you play the time (*81 or *82) Does it sound
correct? You mentioned connect/disconnect messages. Are you hearing them

I may want to log into your system if we can't resolve this. Is your ssh
forwarded in your router? I would need the node number and your login
password privately.

*73 Doug*


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On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 8:22 AM, "Steve Rogers via arm-allstar" <
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> Doug,
> It was really late last night when I made my original post and I may not
> have typed what was actually in my brain. Let me try to better describe the
> setup here and provide a little more info.
> The node is physically located here at my house which is connected to a
> Motorola Radius on a simplex linking frequency that goes back to the
> mountain site repeater that also has a Motorola Radius for the rf link back
> to my house. When I speak of the drop outs it is when audio is coming into
> my node here at the house (from the internet side) and being transmitted
> out to the repeater. Playing with it again this morning it seems to be
> doing better. However, it is consistently having these drop out on
> virtually every connect and disconnect message. This is experienced with
> every Allstar node that I connect to....Including my on radio-less HUB node
> that is on the same internal network as my node that is linked to the
> repeater.
> As far as I know there are no issues with audio drops coming from the
> repeater link into my node and going out to the internet.
> I have moved the physical location of the node hardware in order to make
> sure there is no rf interfering with the pi and/or interface. This has not
> had any change on the issues that I am seeing.
> Hopefully I am awake enough this morning to actually type what I am
> thinking in my head....lol I am happy to discuss this on a phone call
> anytime if it would help. I know sometimes it is hard to convey thoughts
> into an email and have them make sense.
> Thanks for your help
> Steve
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> > Steve,
> > Sorry you are having problem and thanks for giving additional data. You
> > said you were remotely observing the simpleusb-tune-menu at the site is
> > that correct? If so when observing the V (view) option are you seeing COS
> > drop out (go from keyed to clear) during these hiccups? If you are seeing
> > that then it is a receiver problem or possibly the FOB or maybe RF
> getting
> > into the FOB disrupting the COS. If the COS is being disrupted that would
> > certainly cause it to unkey.
> > *73 Doug*
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