[arm-allstar] Node dropping packets

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It was really late last night when I made my original post and I may not have typed what was actually in my brain. Let me try to better describe the setup here and provide a little more info. 

The node is physically located here at my house which is connected to a Motorola Radius on a simplex linking frequency that goes back to the mountain site repeater that also has a Motorola Radius for the rf link back to my house. When I speak of the drop outs it is when audio is coming into my node here at the house (from the internet side) and being transmitted out to the repeater. Playing with it again this morning it seems to be doing better. However, it is consistently having these drop out on virtually every connect and disconnect message. This is experienced with every Allstar node that I connect to....Including my on radio-less HUB node that is on the same internal network as my node that is linked to the repeater. 

As far as I know there are no issues with audio drops coming from the repeater link into my node and going out to the internet. 

I have moved the physical location of the node hardware in order to make sure there is no rf interfering with the pi and/or interface. This has not had any change on the issues that I am seeing. 

Hopefully I am awake enough this morning to actually type what I am thinking in my head....lol I am happy to discuss this on a phone call anytime if it would help. I know sometimes it is hard to convey thoughts into an email and have them make sense. 

Thanks for your help 

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> Steve,

> Sorry you are having problem and thanks for giving additional data. You
> said you were remotely observing the simpleusb-tune-menu at the site is
> that correct? If so when observing the V (view) option are you seeing COS
> drop out (go from keyed to clear) during these hiccups? If you are seeing
> that then it is a receiver problem or possibly the FOB or maybe RF getting
> into the FOB disrupting the COS. If the COS is being disrupted that would
> certainly cause it to unkey.

> *73 Doug*

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