[arm-allstar] Play recording clip upon connection

chris novara chris at redcrosscommunications.org
Tue Jan 9 00:44:24 EST 2018

I would like to play a message on my HUB to connecting stations.

I looked for a how-to first of course.

I would need to know info about the type of audio file supported,  where it’s stored, how to activate/play to each connecting user and such.

Update on my IOS/Zoiper email. It was suggested that I use EchoLink and I must say, works great and I have it locked down to an allow list and is perfect for rare cases where I need to use my phone only.

Again, thank you for all this help I’ve received over the past 2 weeks!!!!!!

Chris Novara
Phone: 541-778-1175
Eugene, Oregon 
Email-Chris at redcrosscommunications.org

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