[arm-allstar] RPi3 LEDs acting weird

Larry larry at thunderbolt.net
Mon Jan 1 03:57:38 EST 2018

I get to ask the the first dumb question of the year.... yea!

I have a Pi 3 node installed with the early 1.5 version of hamvoip software.
It has always been updated to the latest as soon as a notice appears.

Node works just fine but the Pi LEDS are acting weird.

Red power LED is on the green LED next to it blinks off and on about 12 
The red LED then turns off and back on. The cycle repeats it's self over 
and over as long as the node is powered.

Anyone ever seen this or is there something significant about the LED 
cycling? Watchdog indicator or ???
I Just built up another RPi3 this evening and it doesn't do this.

Larry - N7FM

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