[arm-allstar] hamvoip V1.5 update

Doug Crompton wa3dsp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 11:36:40 EST 2017

To ALL hamvoip V1.5 users,

Dave has put an update out for the V1.5 image. ALL Users should use item 1
in the ADMIN menu to update their systems.

This is a minor but important update. It has the following additions/changes

- Turns off IPv6 (see note below)
- Fixes a minor bug in crudini application
- Adds a diagnostic script - /usr/local/sbin/system_diagnostics.sh
- Adds the argon2 encryption tools as a dependency (for dns-lookup)
- Includes hamvoip RSA public keys in /root/.ssh folder (for dns-lookup)

The diagnostic script can be run to supply information should you have a
problem with your installation. This gleans key information from the system
which you can cut and paste and email back to us thus eliminating a lot of
back and forth questions. Please do not send results to the email forum but
rather directly to Dave and myself.

The last two items are in preparation for our soon to be released node dns
lookup method,

The update turns off ipv6 in our code. There have been some issues with
misconfigured ipv6 hosts lately and since Allstar itself does not support
ipv6 we have decided to turn it off across the board. This does not in any
way effect the operation of Allstar and only a very few experimenters would
need or want the ipv6 functionality. This also eliminates the annoying ipv6
error messages in the log. This requires a reboot which is not forced for
it to take effect.

After doing the update for those few who do want ipv6 to remain on in the
future you can run the following script -

ONLY run this script to turn ipv6 back ON


to turn ipv6 back on. Requires reboot.

Once turned back on (ipv6 reenabled) by executing this script it will stay
enabled through future updates. if a user wants to turn it back off in the
future they must re-install the ipv6 package with the following command -

pacman -Sy hamvoip-no-ipv6

I would also remind users of hamvoip code prior to version 1.5 on the pi
2/3 that there has been and will be significant functionality improvements,
updates, bug fixes, etc. that prior pi and Beaglebone Black users will
never have. The upcoming dns node lookup update is significant! It is time
to update to V1.5 if you have been dragging your feet!

*73 Doug*


*http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>*

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