[arm-allstar] arm-allstar Digest, Vol 40, Issue 10

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Thu Sep 14 12:51:06 EST 2017

On 9/14/2017 1:00 PM, arm-allstar-request at hamvoip.org wrote:

>>>> Most users that I know either use portable nodes or Echolink on a
>>>> smartphone. The audio quality on most phones combines with Allstar Echolink
>>>> sounds fairly good. Certainly much better then the ugly digital RF out
>>>> there. It also is easier to use on a phone than the iax or sip
>>>> applications. The number of Portable nodes using phone or car hotspots is
>>>> really growing and a hamvoip update that will be out very soon makes them
>>>> more practical allowing almost instantaneous node updates at boot. I am
>>>> attaching an example of portable nodes we are building in small boxes.
>>>> Connect 12V, connect wireless to a hotspot and have an active node in less
>>>> than a minute.
>>>> *73 Doug
>>>> *
>>>> *WA3DSP
>>>> *
>>>> *http://www.crompton.com/hamradio <http://www.crompton.com/hamradio>
>>>> *
Nice stuff,  Doug.  In the interim, I've been following the directions 
(pardon the side comment) at
https://allstarlink.org/proxy.html which details a proxy/slave setup 
which I've been using for about 2 years
over an AT&T hotspot.  Yes, there is some configuration and 
registration, but it's been stable and worked all
around the country as I travel for my job.  Haven't tried it on your 
distro yet, but may be in the cards as I stand
up a 220 at Southampton in the near future (getting the stationamaster 
hung this weekend on the tower).

>>>>                       Is there an iOS SIP or IAX client app that has the
>>>>       ability to emulate the *99 and # like the IAXRpt Windows application?
Zoiper.  Set up the inbound for VOX (I know, but there is no good way 
around this programatically), and use the mute button in the app to 
control the repeater. Alternatively, since I don't like holding a phone 
to talk on the radio...) I built an interface cable for a Heil HT boom 
mic headset that has a NO PTT button in the mic (Push the button, and 
the mic is live) + lead.  Couple jacks for the headset, one 4-conductor 
plug for the i-whatever, and works just fine, and the operating 
principle is the same...push the button, key the repeater, release, and 
hear the courtesy tone.

FWIW, of course.

Morrisville PA

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