[arm-allstar] Same server nodes can't connect

wade wadeo at charter.net
Tue Aug 30 20:22:46 EST 2016

Good evening all,

Today I moved one of my nodes from an old ACID server in the other room 
to the Pi I have in my shack. The Pi now has 2 nodes on it and the ACID 
machine only has 1. After following the documentation online for setting 
up a second node on the Pi I am having an issue. The 2 nodes on the Pi 
can not connect to each other. They can both connect to the ACID server 
/ node and to any other node anywhere in the world, just not to each 
other. Apparently there is something I missed and for the life of me 
can't think of anything else to try here.

Yes, I did make the appropriate changes on the AllStar website and I do 
have the severs on different ports with correct forwarding and all that. 
Another node here in town can connect to any node of mine as one would 
expect. This seems to be something small so I have probably overlooked 
it somewhere.

Thanks in advance!



(28757, 40509 RPi nodes)

(40508 ACID node)

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