[arm-allstar] URI connection to Bridgecom repeater

Tom Whiteside tomw at ecpi.com
Mon Aug 29 12:31:06 EST 2016

A friend loaned me one to evaluate and I had it interfaced to a RP with the
URIx interface in a total time of three hours including the time to make the
interface cable.   Worked great!

Tom N5TW

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Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 12:19:15 -0400
From: Mike Lussier <mike.lussier at gmail.com>
To: arm-allstar at hamvoip.org
Subject: [arm-allstar] URI connection to Bridgecom repeater
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I'm interested in interfacing my Bridgecom repeater to the AllStar network.
Has anyone already done this ? how well does it work ? I don't want to
re-invent the wheel if it has already been done.



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