[arm-allstar] Receive only node

Matt matt at m0lmk.co.uk
Sun Aug 28 10:00:48 EST 2016

Hi all,

I'm working on getting an allstar node connected to our local repeater 
and have been thinking about setting up some local receive only nodes in 
a couple of local hand held black spots. A good example is the local 
harbour where users can hear the repeater fine but just cant make it in 
on a small hand held radio.

The idea would be to have a small hand held radio programmed to receive 
on a simplex 70cm frequency, feed the audio into the RPi and have this 
connect to the local repeater. The user would just set an odd split in 
their radio so they can TX on the node RX freq and RX on the repeaters 
TX freq. The local node should not transmit at all.

Would this sort of set up be easy to do?



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