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  The reason we use simpleusb on the Pi is because usbradio does not work as well. In fact it does not work as well as simpleusb on many platforms including PC's. The problem is there is an inherent audio distortion that often happens with usbradio. I can usually tell if someone is using it and it is annoying. But many don't really care about audio quality and with today's poor audio quality digital RF I guess we have really lowered the bar so to speak. People are more accepting of the lower quality but I am not. Actually in many ways the distortion that often happens with usbradio can be even more annoying to me than even echolink or digital RF. 

Thats my opinion but others have heard the same things. Just remember it is not always what you hear but also what other hear from your node. I can't tell you how many I have switched to simpleusb that thanked my for the improvement in audio quality.  

So that being said the hamvoip.org code will run usbradio just as easily as any other Allstar distribution. Just set it up as you would on any other system. Simpleusb and usbradio can be run simultaneously on different nodes on the same server if desired. So if you must run it, it will work but unless you really need to for some specific reason I would not recommend it.

The good news is that In the near future the simpleusb/usbradio drivers in the hamvoip code will be replaced with new drivers that will work the way they are suppose to with good audio quality. 
73 Doug

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I'm making some time to 'play' with a Pi3. I've used simpleUSB for all my previous nodes and it works very well. Thanks to all of those who have contributed to easy setup! I'd like to experiment a little with letting the Pi perform some of the DSP magic. In DIAL, I think it's called USBradio. What needs to be reconfigured to use DSP to supply state-change for COS and encode/decode CTCSS? If memory servers me properly, earlier Pi's didn't handle this well. I'm hoping a Pi3 might have sufficient horsewpower to handle a single node. 
Thanks for any suggestions.


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