[arm-allstar] Setting up Zoiper for Allstar - How to make the mute button work as PTT

ssedgwick ssedgwick at suddenlink.net
Sat Apr 30 20:24:40 EST 2016


I followed the “Setting Up Zoiper for Allstar” instructions in the “User Tech Notes and Interresting Sites” section on Doug’s website here: http://crompton.com/hamradio/BeagleBoneBlackAllstar/ConnectZoipertoAllstarNode.pdf

I got it working, but the mute button does not operate as a PTT button as described in the tech notes.  I posted on another website and was helped by another ham telling me to use *99 to switch to transmit and # to switch back to receive.  That worked, but I would really like to use the mute button to toggle between transmit and receive as described in the tech notes above.  Has anyone else tried this and got it to work?  Did you need to make any changes?

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